A beautiful reminder of who you are.
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The whole concept of ScriptStyks™, was created out of a need to make a difference.  What we think changes things and what we say--our words have tremendous power.  After a beauty article she wrote on lipstick, it's instant transformation, and the equalizing factor, Creator and Co-Founder, Johnetta Alston Lake, created ScriptStyks™!   She knew that if women could be reminded, of just how amazing, beautiful and unique they were, real change was possible.  Maybe, just maybe we would be nicer to each other; if we'd just applied a shade called "Anointed" , "Blessed", "Overcomer" or "Redeemed".  We dont know about you, but we believe it will.  

Taking things a bit further, and also having a teenager, Alston-Lake included lip glosses!  Now women of the "selfie" age, might just rethink posting that photo, if she's wearing shades like "Victorious", "Chosen",  "Glorious", and "Courage".  

Thank you for being here.  We hope it makes you think, before you speak.



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