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Lipstick, Lip Gloss…..Lips Matter!

Lipstick has and always will be, one of my favorite things.  I remember as a little girl, putting it on all my dolls.  My mother wasn't too happy about it, because they all belonged to her….not the dolls, the lipstick!  Somehow, they just didn't look as good after my dolls and I were done.  I was fascinated at how instantaneous; the transformation could be, from that one product.

Over the years, that fascination grew into a wonderful passion for makeup. Facial features, completely floor me because, we're all so beautiful in our own, very unique way.   That's always been my approach to beauty, loving the woman YOU see in the mirror, period!  Unfortunately, all beauty isn't celebrated, and we can be mean to each other sometimes.  So yes, lips matter and the lipstick and gloss, take a back seat, to what we say.  Keep in mind, there are some things, you just can't "gloss" over or take back!

There's a saying, "The eyes are the windows to the soul", how poetic. Here's what I know. A woman's lips will tell you exactly what she's feeling, every time!  I want women to finally see themselves as the amazing creatures they are.  What do your lips say?

I lost 35 pounds a few years ago and kept "most" of it off, thank God! During that time, something wonderful happened.  While I was focusing on what I put in my mouth, I also began to watch what came out of my mouth as well.   What I said to others and especially what I said to myself was crucial.  We really do create what we speak, so be careful!  Here's a challenge for you.  Try a new shade of lipstick; treat yourself to a makeover, just because.   Then make it count, because lips and what you say really do matter.   Beauty with a "Look Good-Do Good" theme.  

The next time you're at work, in the break room, cafeteria, at church, out running errands, wherever you are; wear your favorite shade and smile.  Show your fellow sisters, some love, cut them a little slack.  It would be a real shame if that beautiful lipstick, or lip gloss turned into a lip stain!  Not the pretty kind either. The kind of stain you can't take back.  The kind of stain, that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.  The kind of stain that wounds another woman's wings, not okay!  Beauty should be fun and celebrated, no matter whose wearing it. 

Here's to you and all that you are, and remember, Lips Matter!

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